It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the Neurowave’s Workshop: “Spine: Simple approaches in a complex world”, taking place on Friday 4th morning, at Holiday Inn Porto-Gaia hotel, during the next SPPCV Congress (Portuguese Society of Spine Pathology).

We are looking forward to your participation in this event, where we will present two different approaches:

  • SpineJack, from Vexim (Dr. Francisco Ardura, Valladolid, Spain)

– Concept of anatomical restoration

– SpineJack® solution

– Clinical study SpineJack® vs BKP – 1 year results

  • iFuse® Implant System, from SI-Bone (Símon Muñiz, Madrid)

– SI joint dysfunction: diagnosis

– iFuse® Implant System: a proven MIS to fuse the SIJ

– Surgical technique and clinical experience

 For further information about the iFuse® Implant System and SpineJack®, please visit: